As mentioned before I am a passionate Filmmaker, and I am just planting my roots within the industry. I love what I do and I want others to see that love radiate through my work. This is an overview of the few productions and projects that I’ve been fortunate to be a part of so far. I've worked on live broadcastings, TV recordings, and film sets. My role on set has varied from production assistant to producer and everything else in between. Take a look around to find information about me, my career, and updates on projects.



Oliver and Olivia

Oliver & Olivia

Film Debut

Oliver & Olivia is my screenwriting and directorial debut. It is a four minute short film, following Oliver and Olivia as they sort through what Oliver thinks is marital issues. A bit of comedy and romance.

The Coat of Many Colours

The Coat of Many Colours

Coming Soon

The Coat of Many Colours is a drama piece set against the backdrop of the Western Suburbs of Sydney and is inspired by the biblical story of Joseph. Directed and Written by Hugh Lloyd. My role for this project is script editor and supervisor. I assisted in rewrites and story structure.

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A short film about what a relationship can do to a person when it becomes an obsession. Written and Directed by Jan Wittmann. Credited as one of the writers. Assisted in rewrites and story structure.



Expected late 2020

Anniversary is a feature film that follows a recently divorced couple on the day of their first wedding anniversary apart, as they look back on the past while maintaining the life they presently have. Written and Directed by Kyunghyun Oh. My role on crew was a gaffer, and I worked closely with DOP to create a desired look and feel for the director.

Hillsong Conference - Qudos Bank Area  Sydney, AU

Hillsong Conference 2017

More Responsibility

As part of crew for Hillsong Conference 2017 I was able to help create an atmosphere that was visually pleasing. As one of the directors, my role was to use all cameras to the best of their ability and work with producers to deliver top quality content for the arena as well as for later edits for Hillsong Channel.


Chapel: The College Experience

Watch on Hillsong Channel

As a program for Hillsong Channel, Chapel: The Experience was recorded over a span of 3-4 months at a time and recording two days a week. I was able to play different roles for the TV program - camera operator, multi-cam director, and lighting operator. I was on crew for 3 seasons and from this project I learned to work with different departments and under tight deadlines and demands.


Colour Conferences

Live Event

Colour Conference is Hillsong Church's annual women's conference. I was on crew for 2016 and 2017 in Sydney. I was a camera operator both years. 2016 I used a DSLR and shot on location, capturing different moments of the conference. 2017 I was part of the multi-cam broadcast crew. I operated handheld on side of stage.

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Hillsong Worship: Let There Be Light

Live Album Record

Hillsong Worship recorded their newest album at the 2016 Annual Hillsong Conference in Sydney, Australia. As part of crew it was our job to capture every moment for the live album. I was an assistant to one of the many cameras.

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Youth Revival Album

First Major Production

Hillsong Young and Free had their first live album recording in the heart of Sydney, Australia in 2015. I was on crew for the full album record, as a camera assistant. This was my first real production that I will cherish forever.

Among these, I have been a part of numerous short film productions in various roles - camera operator, audio recorder, lighting technician, producer, script supervisor, production assistant and boom operator. Curious to find out about more? Feel free to get in touch today!

Recent Projects


Although my portfolio highlights are listed above, this is more of an overview of what I've been up to the last couple of months. I've become versatile on set and available to work with you on your project!



Navajo Nation TV & Film, Jan. 2019 - Jan. 2020